MLS Brand Bracket

MLS Brand Bracket

2022 MLS
Brand Bracket


The 2022 MLS Brand Bracket is complete. The Seattle Sounders have been crowned as the winners of the tournament. It was truly an honor to host this tournament and I hope everyone who did follow it, had a good time.

Welcome to the 2022 MLS Brand Bracket Competition!

Let’s kick off 2022 MLS pre-season with a branding competition. 2021 was no ordinary year for MLS (on top of all the world-ending disasters). Four MLS teams rebranded, one MLS team started their first ever season, and two additional MLS teams unveiled their initial branding. Because of all this, I figured there was no better time than to kick off the first ever inaugural MLS Brand Bracket!


Let’s gets some FAQs out of the way:

What is this?

This is a bracket-style tournament where all MLS teams (and Sacramento) will be pitted against each other’s brand. People (mostly on Reddit and Twitter) will vote for which brand they like most. In each competition round, the brand with the most votes will move on, the other will be eliminated. At the end of the tournament, a champion will be declared as the best MLS brand of 2022.

Why host a brand bracket?

In recent years I’ve fallen in love with design. I had this idea beginning in 2018 but held off until the New England Revolution rebranded as it was the final holdout for the original MLS teams.

Why is the Sacramento Republic a part of this? They’re not in MLS.

True, but they came so close! Look, I really just needed a 30th team to round out the bracket. MLS hasn’t even unveiled the 30th team let alone any branding. So because Sacramento came so close, I’m inviting them as an honorary team. They deserve it.

How long will this take place?

The 2022 MLS Brand Bracket will kick off officially January 3rd, 2022 and and run until February 12th, 2022 when a team will be crowned the winner and get some bragging rights, and nothing more!

Will there be a competition in 2023? 

No idea! Maybe this is one and done, maybe it’s annual, maybe it’s only whenever a new team rebrands. We’ll see.

Where will results and competitions be posted?

This will mainly be run through the MLS subreddit ( but I will also post it to Twitter. You can follow me there if you prefer. Results will be posted on the MLS subreddit and Twitter as well as here. This page will serve as the repository for all results if you ever want to track back. I will be posting to Twitter using the #MLSBrandBracket hashtag and I encourage you to use it as well! 

The actual competition itself will be run through Google Forms. You will need a Google login to vote as I want to ensure each can submit only one vote.

You’ll notice that I collect some location data (state/province and ZIP/postal code). This is for statistics analysis only and is optional! I do not collect any other identifying information. No data will be sold or used in any other way.

How will all this work?

I’m glad you asked! Keep scrolling for information on how this will all play out (don’t worry, it’s pretty simple).

The Bracket

Find the competition

Use the following links to find the competition on Reddit and Twitter

Sample Competition Board

MLS Brand Bracket competition board

Sample Results Board

MLS Brand Bracket results board
Feb 2 - Minnesota United vs. Seattle Sounders
Feb 4 - Portland Timbers vs. Austin FC
Jan 29 - LAFC vs. Seattle Sounders
Jan 30 - Inter Miami vs. Austin FC
Jan 27 - Portland Timbers vs. Philadelphia Union
Jan 28 - Minnesota United vs. Vancouver Whitecaps
Round of 16
Jan 24 - Seattle Sounders vs. Orlando City
Jan 24 - Austin FC vs. Atlanta United
Jan 23 - Vancouver Whitecaps vs. LA Galaxy
Jan 23 - Philadelphia Union vs. DC United
Jan 22 - LAFC vs. Chicago Fire
Jan 22 - Inter Miami vs. New England Revolution
Jan 21 - Minnesota United vs. Sacramento Republic
Jan 21 - Portland Timbers vs. Sporting Kansas City
Round 1
Jan 18 - Orlando City vs. San Jose Earthquakes
Jan 18 - Atlanta United vs. Austin FC
Jan 17 - LA Galaxy vs. Toronto FC
Jan 17 - DC United vs. FC Cincinnati
Jan 16 - NYCFC vs. Chicago Fire
Jan 16 - New England Revolution vs. Colorado Rapids
Jan 15 - Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Nashville SC
Jan 15 - Philadelphia Union vs. FC Dallas
Jan 14 - Seattle Sounders vs. Houston Dynamo
Jan 14 - Austin FC vs. Real Salt Lake
Jan 13 - LAFC vs. Club de Foot Montreal
Jan 13 - Inter Miami vs. St Louis City SC
Jan 12 - Sporting Kansas City vs Columbus Crew
Jan 12 - Sacramento Republic vs New York Red Bulls
How this will work

The 2022 MLS Brand Bracket will work mostly like any other bracket game. All competitors will be divided up where they will face one-on-one competition against each other. The team/brand with the most votes will move on to the next round. If you want some criteria, each team/brand should be judged based on:

  1. Overall style/aesthetics
  2. Name
  3. Color combinations

However, you can also just vote for your favorite/home team if you want. This isn’t a serious competition. Have fun!

Now, unless you want to get into the nitty-gritty details of seeding and re-seeding, then you can probably stop here and wait for the first round. If you do want that information, well let’s dig in!


Being the true competitor that I am, I have decided that seeding is going to be used for this competition. Beginning on January 3rd, a Survey123 Form will be posted on Reddit and Twitter asking you to rank every brand from 1 to 30. On January 6th at 12:00pm PT, the survey will close and the teams will be seeded based on those results. (Side note: while the rest of this competition will be using Google Forms, I have to use Survey123 for this question because Google Forms does not have a ranking option, oddly enough).

On January 5th, the bracket will be released. The top two teams from the Survey123 ranking will be given a bye in the first round. The remaining teams will be seeded in order of their respective position in the same survey. Teams will be paired with their respective counter balance in the seed, with exception of seeds 16/30 and 15/29 which have been paired up to take on the top two seeds (giving the top two seeds one extra advantage).

After the round of 16 (prior to entering the quarterfinals), all winning teams will be reseeded based on their original score and, again, paired with their counterbalance.

Competition Dates and Lengths

The dates for each matchup are posted on the above bracket. If anything changes from that I will inform you all and update the bracket. Each competition through the semifinals will be active for 24 hours from the posting time. Afterwards, a winner will be announced and accompanying statistics will be given (including a map so please give me ZIP/postal codes!). You can see a sample of this above.

The MLS Brand Bracket Final will be given 48 hours.

The winner of the 2022 MLS Brand Bracket will be announced on Wednesday, February 12th. 


All MLS logos, including the MLS logo, branding, and everything to do with the clubs and teams are owned by Major League Soccer (MLS). The Sacramento Republic logo and all associated branding are owned by Sac Soccer & Entertainment Holdings, LLC.

This competition is being done entirely without sponsorship, promotions, advertising, or any of that muck. I am not making any money off this competition. Any data acquired by through this competition will never be sold in any way.