How I can help you

Far too often we get obsessed with data. But data doesn’t engage. It doesn’t demand attention. It doesn’t compel anyone to look at it. So while it might sound like a good idea to lead your data do the talking, it’s not. People love stories and within your data is a story. Let me help you tell your data’s story.

Geo Design Studio is a boutique design studio that’s aimed crafting unique stories to go with data. And I do this by visualizing data, adding motion, figuring out the story, and helping you publish your content to social media, including YouTube, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. From start to finish.


Data visualizations
Motion graphics
Video editing
YouTube and social media video consulting

About me

I live and breathe data. I love looking at it, manipulating it, and, most importantly, seeing what stories it can tell. And I’ve been doing this for over a decade. I acquired my bachelor’s degree in Geography and GIS from Portland State University, followed by my master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning. I worked as a transportation planner for 6 years before realizing that, while I loved transportation and planning, what I really enjoyed was digging deep into data and visualizing it to help people understand why that data is so important.

Today, in addition to running this consulting company, I run a very popular YouTube channel called Geography By Geoff where, over the course of a single year, I’ve accumulated over 8 million views. And I do this by finding fun and engaging data and telling the story behind it.

I can help you tell your story. You just have to reach out.